Independent R D

Orthodontic software

Make diagnosis and treatment more professional,with convenient operations

Multiple intelligent functions substantially improve efficiency and quality of diagnosis and treatment.

One-click localization of feature points via AI

•High localization accuracy of feature points empowered by smart algorithms.

•Automatic localization of feature points within three seconds, an overall improvement of diagnositic efficiency.

•AI-enabled automatic delineation of face contour

Intelligent AI analysis results

•Automatic interpretation of measurement results for comprehensive patient information

•Numerical display of analysis result list, abnormal data is clearly visible

•visualization of analysis results

Image overlap comparison

•Multi-stage lateral cephalometrics image automatic overlap

•Visually display of changes between before and after diagnosis and treatment, easily to have the communication between doctors and patients

•Support overlap comparison image export

Export medical reports with one click

•Create the visually medical reports with one click

•Support report export function

•Support switching user-defined sample data